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Hotel Oktogon Haggenmacher

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The impressive building of Hotel Oktogon Haggenmacher, former Haggenmacher Palace is located on the elegant Andrássy Avenue, a vibrant, lively touristic hub of Budapest. The values of the historic building are combined with modern design solutions to create a youthfully elegant 4-star hotel. The interior of the hotel reflects the contrast of the bustling environment and the centuries-old building.

Each of the 121 rooms were created with the use of fresh, vibrant colors to ease the classical atmosphere. Delicious buffet breakfast consists of cold and hot dishes, lactose and gluten free options for the guests. In the hotel a fitness room equipped with technogym and a pleasant wellness area all serve the recreation of guests. A classical style boardroom and a rustic meeting room equipped with built-in technology can host special events and corporate meetings. The Bar Room of the hotel invites guests to enjoy a leisurely evening with classical cocktails and colorful drink selection in a relaxed environment. The hotel is a perfect place for an urban getaway.

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H-1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 52.

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