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Hotel Atlantis Hajdúszoboszló

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The new treasure box of Hajdúszoboszló, Hotel Atlantis**** superior Medical, Wellness & Conference opened July 1st 2011 and soon became shrine of physical and mental refreshment.

The hotel dares to be different and aims to introduce a unique way of treating the guests.

Hotel Atlantis****superior Medical, Wellness & Conference is situated close to the famous thermal spa the Aqua Palace. The modern design and the elegant, unconventional new look represents a new dash of colour in town.

The 8000 m2 property has 7 floors altogether. The whole area is air conditioned having individually adjustable heating and air-conditioning system in each room. Landline and wireless internet connection is provided everywhere inside the hotel.

With its three profiles Hotel Atlantis**** superior is a perfect place for mental refreshment, leisure or business purposes. Our mission is to guarantee complete recreation and unforgettable moments for each and every guests all with the help of highly-skilled staff and quality services.

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4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Damjanich utca 10

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