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Hotel Óbester – Debrecen

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$ 60

I am delighted that you are taking a virtual visit to one of the most prestigious hotels of the Eastern region: Hotel Óbester***. Our hotel is located in the historic downtown of Debrecen and it is regarded as a true rarity among the high-quality hotels, as it awaits its guests with 45 pieces of comfortable, air-conditioned rooms equipped with Pay TV, minibar and free Wi-Fi access – from which 40 pieces are Superior double rooms, three pieces are honeymoon suites, furthermore, it has 1 family suite and 1 presidential suite, as well.

This unique four-star hotel is the first hotel of Hungary and the world which commemorates the Hussars. We recall the Hussar world of the past with our unique equipment and exhibited objects.

I hope that our website will meet your interest in our hotel and you will come to visit us, in order to personally experience the multitude of opportunities we are able to provide you for your active recreation, relaxation or the successful arrangement of your event, not only in the virtual but also in the “real” world.

The staff of our hotel is happy to provide more information, respectively, customized offers at any time.

I hope to welcome you soon in our hotel!

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4026 Debrecen, Péterfia u. 49

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